Review Policy And Contact Details

The books I read – and don’t read

I don’t read a lot of non-fiction, but my fiction tastes are wide and varied. I really enjoy women’s contemporary fiction/popular fiction, well-written chick lit and light romance, literary fiction, Christian Fiction and love a good psychological or crime thriller. I don’t read anything including spies, war, cowboys or erotica. erotica.  I really enjoy reading new authors to help bring them to people’s attention.

Please get in touch by e-mail (address below) if you’d like me to read and review something for you. I would appreciate a brief synopsis of any book you’d like me to review if you’re a new author, so that I can decide if it’s something I’d enjoy.

I have several Kindles, and wherever possible would prefer to read through that medium, any e-copies will need to be compatible (preferably .mobi). I do, however, still enjoy paper books too!

If accepted, all reviews will be my personal opinion (with a 1-5 star rating on Goodreads and Amazon). My reviews are honest, but I do make a point of never posting a bad review, preferring to contact authors or publishers with the reasons why the book wasn’t for me. Acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review and I will not review books that I have been unable to finish. I will do my best to meet a publication deadline with enough notice, but can’t promise that I always will – the blog isn’t my life, I do it for the love of reading.

If I receive an unsolicited book and I am unable to review it, I reserve the right to pass it on to a book blogger friend, either for a guest review or for them to review on their own blog. There will, however, be occasions when a review won’t be possible. I never sell review books after reading, but may pass them on to friends.

I do not ask for, nor receive, payment for any review. Although my reviews may contain links to Amazon, this is purely for ease of reference. I have no affiliation with, and receive no payment from Amazon, or any other company whose links I may include.

Quoting my reviews

I am 100% happy for authors/publishers to reproduce parts of my reviews in books, on websites or as part of wider publicity,   but do please tell me you’re doing so, as it always gives me pleasure to read these.

Thank you for your interest…